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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy (Thankful Thursday)

Shew...has this been a week! Along with getting school time in with Dot and Yacko (and a little pre-k with Wacko), I also had the privilege of taking care of my niece (3 years old) and another little sweet boy (4 months old). I watched the little boy; we'll call him D; Monday through Wednesday 7:30-5:30 and my niece I am watching all week from 8:30-5:30 until they can get her into daycare next week. So to say the least this week has been very busy, and this is also why you haven't been seeing many of my posts! But although things have been crazy busy, I am thankful that I was able to watch these little ones this week.

Lately, since L has starting growing up so fast and is now almost 8 months, I have really been having baby withdrawals and missing the infant stage so much! Not saying in any way that I do not enjoy her or my other children at the age they are, I just always like having an infant in the home, I don't know why. So when I was asked to watch D by his grandmother (who used to be my old boss), my first thought was "YAY" a little baby" ! But then reality set in and I started doubting if I really could do this. I mean seriously, I am homeschooling 3 children and have one very high maintenance baby, what was I thinking!

So we met with the parents on Saturday and they asked if I could at least watch him Mon-Wed of this week, until they could get him into the daycare. So I agreed to give it a try. So, long story short, things went great (minus a few moments through out the day that everyone has) and I was able to complete all our school work and take care of D and L and my house wasn't a wreck at the end of the day. So on Wednesday I agreed to watch him full time starting next week.

Why do I mention this as my thankful Thursday? Well because this is a situation where God provided for me and for our family. Lately in our household money has been pretty tight and we have a stack full of medical bills from L's hospital stay and birth that we really needed some extra income to take care of all this, but we had no clue where it would come from. But then in comes God! He brings us a wonderful, sweet, christian family who is willing to pay more than I even asked and is just what we needed. This takes care of my baby fix and is going to provide financial needs that were oh so needed.

So on this day, Thursday, I am thankful for God's faithfulness! He says it over and over in His word that He WILL provide for us if we just believe in Him and this is proof that that is so so true. You just have to be patient and wait on His time ....

God Bless

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