Deuteronomy 6:7 "And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up."

Monday, August 10, 2009

My weekend, where I have been has been a very long weekend and to be quite honest I didn't even really want to write to the blog tonight, but I am addicted so here I am. Plus I felt bad that I hadn't posted all weekend, I am so behind. So this is how our weekend went and why I didn't post.

On Saturday we didn't really have much too do except the fact that Marshall was sick, really sick and whiny, and Monty and I were scheduled to work in the church nursery on Sunday. So most of my day Saturday was spent trying to find a replacement for us because I would have to stay home with Marshall and Monty was leaving Sunday morning for Virginia Beach for work. I was sooo stressed! Finally at about 6:30 I had found 2 people, wonderful Marianne and Bethany to take our place. Thank goodness I got it done before dinner because that would've been horrible to have to try and worry about that during our FAMILY dinnertime. I also spent Saturday washing the sheets, and making some YUMMY chewy granola bars. You know the Sunbelt brand of chocolate chip granola bars? Well I found a recipe from another blog I subscribe to that created a recipe to be kind of a duplicate to those delicious sunbelt ones. And man were they delicious. I am going to try it again with dried cranberries and then maybe half white chocolate and half milk chocolate. Well about 4:00 is when things starting getting very hectic for me. I needed to get dinner ready, clean up dinner and get out the door to go to a friends house to watch her twins while her and her husband went out. I know it doesn't seem like I had much to do but I have such a hard time with getting out of the house by myself no matter how much I have to do. I worry so much about making sure the house looks okay, the kids are okay and Monty is okay with everything. I just have a hard time leaving my babies and my house, which pretty much is my baby anymore, to go and do something for myself! But I did it and I got out of the house at 6:10 and headed to McCoy to help Terri. I was very excited about going to Terri's because I love her twins so much, they are the cutest things. And I know it sounds weird because I am around kids all day, but I was excited to go and watch some other kids that weren't my kids for awhile. I love children, just need a break from MINE every once in a while. So anyways I arrived at her house and Hannah and Nate were wonderful little toddlers, I even found myself bored a couple of times because I am used to so much commotion. The twins went to bed at 8:00 then I got some me time to ready my doula book, that was soo wonderful. I didnt end up getting home til midnight!! I loved every minute of being out by myself though.

Now on to Sunday!! I woke up Sunday morning with a horrible sore throat and tons of congestion and Monty still had to leave at 9:00 and that was soo hard. The kids were missing him so much even within the first hour! After Monty left I had to decide what me and the kids were going to do for our day. It was my mom's 50th birthday so we decided to bring her lunch up to her house and I also gave her a Birthday haircut, along with all three of my kids! After that we just hung out at her house for awhile before we headed to my grandmother's house at 5:00 for pizza and cake for mom's birthday. So as you can tell it has been a busy week and that is exactly why I am just now writing. Monty just got home tonight at 5:30, I am so happy to have him back and I know my blog is happy too :)

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