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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm BACK! / Let God do the Judging

Okay...I am back after being sick for over a week!! Thank goodness I have some drugs in me now and am feeling much much better! I will have to start up with the FlyLady discussions again tomorrow though, because I just haven't gotten back into the habit yet :/ I am going to make myself start tomorrow, and you will have a post from me on that then :) Sorry for the delay..

I was watching a video just a few minutes ago that really got me thinking and I just had so much in me after watching it that I had to share. Please don't think this entire blog is about God/Religion because it is not. Although I do put God first in everything I do, I do not make my entries all a preaching sermon. Most of my posts are more about my kids and frugile living or my doula business, but today I just couldn't not talk about this because I felt God talking to me soo much through this song.

I started by watching the video for Building 429's song, "Always" because a few of my friends have been going through some rough times lately and I felt this song come in my head to help to encourage them and give them hope. Well after viewing this video on YouTube I was curious and looking at the other videos you know that pop up on the side and I saw one by Casting Crowns, "Does Anybody Hear Her". I have heard this song on Spirit FM many times and it has always touched me, but nothing like it did after viewing the video. If you haven't seen the video yet, I urge you to watch it here before I continue on, so you will understand what I am talking about. The video starts with a girl that it looks like is probably in college. It goes through her life of being lost and searching for comfort and security. In doing this she ends up at a night club and meets a guy, and as the story usually goes, the guy leads her to having sex. She doesn't know what to do because she is just searching for someone to love her. It also shows her at home with her father drinking and completely ignoring her ! Then it goes on to her driving home the next morning and passing people walking into a church, she feels the urge to stop and go in. As she is getting out of her car, she is JUDGED for her appearance, because she was in her clothes from the night before and maybe her hair was a bit of a mess. This is what hit me the most! Yes the beginning was sad and upsetting in itself and I have been there before so it really touched me. That is pretty much exactly where I was before I found a loving church family and found God, but it was really the judgement that I saw by the church family that bothered me the most.
We often forget as believers in Christ that we have this HOPE inside us that we NEED , and are obligated as Christians, to share with others. We have some much hope for our own lives and knowing that we are not alone that I think we often maybe forget that many many people out in the world do not have this hope and just have pain. No matter what a person looks like, no matter what their social status is , we have an obligation to reach out to them. I am not preaching to you, I am mainly preaching to myself. I know there have been times that I may have felt embarrassed to talk to a certain person that looked in pain or felt , I hate to say it, but better than them that I would not approach them and provide them with hope. This is something I am trying to improve on everyday and I think I have became a lot better, but we as a church family need to all unite in this effort and reach out to every person we can. Because in the end we are all God's children and we were ALL created in his imagine so we can not judge!! I am going to make the effort to provide hope to at least one person today and the next day and so on...will you do this with me??

Thank you for listening and I will be back tomorrow with FlyLady discussion :o)

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