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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The day I never would have imagined.... (HS Newbie)

When you are a little girl, you imagine it didn't you. You imagine what you will be like when you are older. Will you be a mommy, a business woman, or hey even a princess. I know I sure imagined all of this but never once in my mind did I imagine I would be where I am at today.

Yes of course, I imagined being married to a handsome stud of a man, and that came true. But I imagined only have maybe 1 or 2 children AND working outside of the home, because this is what I had saw. This is what my mom did and what many moms around me did. I never once imagined being a homeschooling mom of 4 KIDS!!

But two years ago this is where God started leading me. Because I never thought this is where my life would head I fought it for a little over a year, until last year when I gave in and said God do what you see fit for our family.

Well, yesterday was our first homeschooling day, of sorts. We have a sick household right now so things weren't exactly on schedule BUT it was the first day non the less. And guess what, beyond all I could have ever imagined, it went GREAT! I was so very excited and the kids very excited as well to be learning.

The school time started with my time with Wacko. I began by doing just some fun preschool learning games with him. We laced our animals, and learned about opposites. He had so much fun having individualized learning with mommy (and so did I!).

Then we all sat down together on the couch and read our history and geography read alouds. We also started our literature read aloud, The Boxcar Children. Not only are the kids already looking forward to what will happen next in this book, but I am as well!!

Then we took a bit of a break, so that the sickest of us all, Yacko, could get some rest and we all could get some much needed homemade chicken noodle soup in our bellies.

After lunch and a quick nap we were ready to go at it again, well at least me and Dot were. Dot and I worked on her Language Arts and Math work together. Although this whole day made me grateful for homeschooling, this was the time that I really was happy I was homeschooling. Dot seemed to thrive so much from this individualized attention time, that she would not get in a regular school setting. See what happens with Dot when she is learning is that if she is with a large group of people (or even a small one at times) and they are answering questions she couldn't answer, she kinda goes into her shell and doesn't participate or even pay attention anymore. The sad thing is is that I think she thinks she is not good enough and its just not worth it. BUT when I was able to get that one on one time with her, she thrived amazingly and really caught on to things I believe. And she was excited to learn and was HAPPY!!

We took another small little break and then we all sat down together again and read our science book and answered some science questions. This was sooo much fun. I really believe my Yacko is going to be a huge science lover.

Then after Yacko had really rested up and we had some dinner, I convinced him to sit up for a bit and have some Language Arts and Math time. And this boy is just sprinting through these first sections of LA and Math, which I figured he would do. He actually said to me after reading the first lesson in our Readers book, "mom can we read more". I just LOVE it!!!

So anyways this was our first day and like I said it may not have stuck to what I had scheduled our days to be like but we did make it through everything and everyone was happy at the end of it all. What more could you ask for than that!!!!

Now time to get off here and make some breakfast and start day 2.

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S said...

Congratulations on your successful first day! :-) I can't wait to get started!

Luke said...

So glad to hear your first day was such a success (and that you're enjoying the process so much). Keep up the good work [smile].


Anonymous said...

I hope you keep documenting your experiences! I love reading about them!