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Friday, October 12, 2012

Cleaning Routine - FREE Printable

Now that we have started homeschooling, some things on this list have changed because honestly I dont always have time to do all of these chores each day but the morning and evening chores are still pretty set in stone. 
This cleaning routine worked very well for me for years and helped me to get all chores done a little at a time so there isnt a huge chunk to do on Saturdays. REMEMBER- Simplify!!!
Be looking in the coming week for some more free printables.  I will be providing a printable of the chores I call my "monthly chores" and my "yearly chores".  I also will be providing a post about what I do for zone cleaning and a printable of all the different zones in my house.  Yours may be different but you will get the point.
I hope this blesses you today and have a wonderful Friday!
Is there anything that you might would add to this list?  Please feel free to comment with any questions as well!

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