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Sunday, September 6, 2009

My baby is now 2!!!

September 6, 2007 at 7:28AM Wakko entered the world. We were over joyed and excited because we had just found out it was a boy, he was the only one of the three that we did not find out the sex during pregnancy. His labor was the longest of all three labors for me, lasting 8 hours, I know that isn't long at all compared to most people but to me it was pretty long. I figured that with the 3rd child he would just pop right out, but no not with Wakko, he took his time. He was a bit lazy then and still is to this day.

His longer labor was the least of our worries though and in celebrating his 2nd birthday I want to share those first three days with him, because they were the most exciting. Wakko was born with his right thumb in the form of a huge ball and it was dangling. Monty and I were so worried, we had no idea what in the world could be wrong. The nurses noticed it first when they were examining him and then asked my ob/gyn if she had noticed it in any of the ultrasounds. Her response was a very cold "no" and that was it. They bandaged his thumb up so that it wouldn't be dangling anymore in case it was hurting him, and then gave him back to me to hold and nurse. They then let me know that they would be contacting his pediatrician and she would examine the thumb and come up with a diagnosis and solution. Well to make a long story short, his thumb skin had grown but the bone had never formed. So while in the womb he was left with skin hanging and when he was twisting and turning around in the womb it had become twisted and then formed the ball on the end. So we were discharged from the hospital on the very next day, thank the Lord I was able to leave with him, and sent to Roanoke Memorial to have them perform surgery to take off the extra skin of the thumb. They were able to get it done within a few hours with no worries or problems and we were sent home. He now of course only has 4 fingers on his right hand, no thumb, but he does very well with it. They had told us from the beginning that he would most like just learn to use his left hand for everything and that would be his dominant hand, but to our amazement he has been using that hand as much as if not more than his left hand. Instead of picking things up between his thumb and pointer finger, he just picks it up between his pointer and middle finger. It is just amazing to watch him, the strength he has in those fingers it is just amazing! To this day he is our most rambunctious child and gets into EVERYTHING! He has went to the ER twice, the scariest of these is when he fell down our basement stairs at just under 1 year old (it was also his first ambulance ride) and that incident is when I knew that God was watching over him very carefully and all the time because he should not have came out of that hospital that day okay, he only had bruises to show for it, no broken bones, nothing. God is amazing and God has definitely taken care of His little boy that He has entrusted in our care and for that I am eternally grateful!

I know to some of you this may seem like a very small thing to have happened to him, and I know it could have been a lot worse, but to us it was really hard to deal with at first, mostly because we knew it was hurting him and we didn't know how he would do with just 4 fingers on one hand. Like most parents I think, we just expected our child to come out perfectly in tact and healthy with nothing wrong , so it was just a shock to us at first. We now see though that he is not any different and has nothing wrong with him at all , God just created him special, very special, and he can melt your heart in a split second!!! :D I love you Wakko and Happy 2nd Birthday, I look forward to many many more!

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