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Thursday, November 8, 2012

31 Days of Prayers for My Husband Week 1 {Scripture Sunday}

I know, it's not Sunday like I had planned on posting this.  We have had some sick kids this week and life has just happened.  But I have still been faithful in praying for my husband. 
Our week last week, the first week of praying for my husband, started off with my husband being home for two days and us pretty much stuck in our house.  Hurricane Sandy was making her appearance on the east coast and since my husband works for a company on the east coast, since they were closed he was closed.  I was thankful for this because it was pretty nasty weather where we live as well, Southwest Virginia, and I really didn't like the thought of him traveling.
As a lot of you mothers can probably sympathize though, it's not always easy when hubby is home all day.  While I was thankful for the extra time with him and the extra hands, our school and regular routine had to go on and that can be pretty difficult when Daddy is home.
The first day was great.  We took the day off of schoolwork and just hung out with Daddy.  By day two though, we had to get some work done, but all I or the kids wanted to do was hang out with Daddy.  In the end it went pretty well though, it kind of pushed the kids to finish their schoolwork quickly.
So through all this is was a little hard to remember to keep that time in the morning to pray for my husband, but I am thankful I did.  I saw him hard at work with his job, doing the things he needed to do when he went back on Wednesday and then coming home to us at the end of the night, leaving work at work.  I also had a new found love and appreciation for him that only God could have given me.  I wanted to do for him, I wanted to submit and be his help-mate, more than anytime before.  God granted us a peace and I am hoping he felt the same through my prayers.
So, how did your first week of prayers go?  Link up your post below, I would love to read it!

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