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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Menu for Aug 1st- Aug 7th

After posting about menu planning and how important it is right next to couponing, I felt like I should start sharing with you all once a week what my menu plans are. Honestly, I am also hoping that this will give me incentive to make sure I menu plan each week too :) So here we go, this is my menu plan for Monday Aug. 1st- Sunday Aug. 7th.

Monday - breakfast: Cereal (mondays are rough , so cereal is best!)
lunch: Turkey sandwiches with carrots and chips
dinner: Ritz cracker chicken, steamed carrots, and rice

Tuesday- breakfast: Pancakes with strawberries
lunch: mac and cheese with fresh fruit/veggie
dinner: Spicy Grilled Catfish, coleslaw, corn

Wednesday- breakfast: bacon and scrambled eggs (maybe biscuits)
lunch: kid's choice (which I'm sure will be pb & j)
dinner: Sweet Corn Soup with Peaches (kids will probably have chicken nuggets)

Thursday- breakfast: hot cereal (oatmeal) and banana
lunch: peanut butter/sesame noodles with carrots
dinner: Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops, sauteed fresh green beans, stuffing

Friday- breakfast: monkey bread
lunch: Chicken nuggets and fries
dinner: Homemade Pizzas (yummo)

Look at how little Yacko looks here...

Saturday- breakfast: kid's choice
lunch: pb & j, chips, fresh fruit
dinner: I am preparing dinner for a family in our church who just welcomed a new little blessing. So for them I am making spaghetti with meatballs, salad and garlic knots. I will most likely do the same for us.

Sunday- breakfast: cereal (fast, for church ) :)
lunch: eat out
dinner: Chocolate Chicken, grilled zucchini/ squash, and biscuits

Now let's just see that I stick to it :D

What is your family meal plan for this next week? Share with me!

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